Label Templates

There’s an easy way to create and print your drawer labels:

  • Download the labels templates below.
  • Type in your item names (we use font type Helvetica size 12 on our pre-printed labels).
  • Run a plain piece of paper through your printer first as a test to ensure the labels will line up correctly. This step is important as all printers are different and you may need to make sure your margins are set to 0, your font size fits, etc.
  • Once a test confirms the labels will print properly, place your blank labels sheet in the printer and click print. You’re on your way to organizational victory!

Download spicestack label template (.pdf) Download spicestack label template (.doc)

Download bakestack label template (.pdf) Download bakestack label template (.doc)

If you experience trouble, here are a few more helpful hints:

  • Make sure all margins are set to 0.
  • The label sheets are printed according to AVERY label 5167 for the SpiceStack and AVERY label 8066 for the BakeStack. If you prefer, you can open a template through Microsoft Word.

For Word 2010 or later:

Open a new document and click the Mailings tab. Click Labels and a pop-up box should appear. Within that box there is an area that says Print and one that says Label. Make sure full page of same label is clicked (don’t worry, you won’t end up with all your labels reading BASIL). Click in the Label area. Here you will select Avery US Letter from the drop down under Label Vendors. This will populate the template options from which you should select Avery 5167 for SpiceStack or Avery 8066 for BakeStack, and then Okay. Now you must click the New Document button which brings up your page with the correct template.

For Word 2007 or earlier:

Open Word (or word processing application), go to Tools, Labels and choose the template 5167 for SpcieStack or 8066 for BakeStack from the list.

Avery® 5167 Template for the SpiceStack:

If you don't have the template on your computer, you can download it for free here: Go to about half-way down the page where it says "Download Avery® 5167 Compatible Template".

Avery® 8066 Template for the BakeStack:

If you don't have the template on your computer, you can download it for free here: Click where it says "Download Label Template".

Label Replacements:

If you need label replacements, we’re happy to send them free of charge. Please email or call 888-973-9288 to request a replacement or get help.