Make Baking a Breeze

The BakeStack® is the only in-cabinet organizer for baking tools and accessories. Save valuable pantry and drawer space by storing sprinkles, icing, candles, cake tips, cookie cutters and more in three customizable drawers. The BakeStack includes 18 easy-fit drawer dividers that provide hundreds of possible drawer configurations. It’s also great for organizing arts and crafts, scrapbooking, sewing and office supplies.

  • Store and organize your baking tools and accessories
  • Fits standard cabinets, measures 10.9”D x 8.1”W x 8.8”H      (27,7 x 20,5 x 22,2 centimeters)
  • Includes 18 drawer dividers; 3 vertical, 6 small horizontal, 3 each medium, large and x-large horizontal
  • Includes 18 blank removable stickers for labeling the outside drawers
  • Multiple units can be stacked on top of each other
  • Non-skid feet hold unit securely in place
  • No assembly required but build customizable drawers as you wish
  • "I am such a neat freak and this was perfect for me. I put all my tips, cupcake liners, gels and other things for my baking. I even had room to put some fondant plungers. I truly love this product that i had to order another one :)" - Jo N. (Milwaukee, WI)
  • "This organizer quickly took care of the shelf clutter of misc. cake decorating gadgets and frosting colors. We highly recommend it." - William Reigle (Jensen Beach, FL)
  • "The Bake Stack is a good solution to help you organize items that are floating around drawers and your pantry. While I chose to fill this one with cake decorating supplies, the Bake Stack can be used for all sorts of things. The Bake Stack is flexible enough to store what is important to you, can easily fit onto a shelf and you can even stack several on top of one another if you need additional space. YouCopia has a number of other different storage solutions, including ones designed for coffee pods or k-cups and several designs focused on spice storage. You can find YouCopia products at many retailers near you. Check out their web site to find a retailer near you or purchase online from Amazon." - Pat Geyer “The Ranting Chef” (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • I had fun building my BakeStack drawers to fit the odds and ends from my pantry. I had no idea I had so many cake tips! - Grace W. (Fayetteville, NC)

What size is the BakeStack?

The BakeStack measures 10.9”D x 8.1”W x 8.8”H (27,7 x 20,5 x 22.2 centimeters), weighs less than 4 lbs., and fits inside all standard kitchen cabinets.

What does the BakeStack hold?

The BakeStack is designed to hold small, baking accessory items such as sprinkles, spices, icing, candles, cake tips, cookie cutters, cake decorating tools and more. It is also great for organizing small arts and crafts, scrapbooking, sewing, garage and office supplies. Three customizable drawers fit items that measure up to 10.3”H x 6.7”W x 2.3”D.

What is the BakeStack made of?

The BakeStack and it’s drawer dividers are made of durable ABS plastic that wipes clean with a damp cloth. Non-skid rubber feet hold the BakeStack securely in place in the cabinet or on a counter.

Do I need to assemble or mount the BakeStack?

There is no assembly or mounting required for any of our products. The weight of the BakeStack’s unopened drawers will hold the entire unit in place. You can set-up the BakeStack drawers with the included 18 drawer dividers in any configuration you choose. We also include 18 blank, removable stickers for labeling the outside of drawers if desired for greater organization. 

How do I set-up the BakeStack’s customizable drawers?

To set-up, follow these instructions:

1) Place the BakeStack on a level surface. Pull and lower a single drawer to resting position. We recommend starting with the bottom drawer and working your way up.

2) Insert the vertical dividers first. Make sure the small, rounded tabs on the dividers are always facing up. Place the ends of a divider on top of opposing slots that run along the top and bottom of the inside of the drawer. Push down to slide the divider into place. If you do not insert the dividers correctly, a tab that is facing down will keep the divider from sliding all the way down to sit flush with the drawer floor. If this happens, simply remove the divider and turn it around so the tab is facing up.

3) Insert the horizontal dividers next. Depending on the placement of the vertical divider in Step #2, you can choose from 4 sizes; small, medium, large and x-large. Make sure the small, rounded tabs on the dividers are always facing up. Place the ends of a divider on top of opposing drawer and/or vertical divider slots. Push down to slide the divider into place.

4) Fill your BakeStack drawers with your items, Divider placement can be changed at any time to properly organize your items.

5) Use the included removable stickers to label the outside of the drawers with the items stored inside so you can locate what you need in a snap!

Where can I buy the BakeStack and how much does it cost?

The BakeStack is sold in select independent kitchen stores and online at You can click the Purchase Online button here or on the product page to view pricing and purchase information from our authorized dealer network.

Does YouCopia sell products in my country?

We are proud of our international business partners that distribute our products all over the world. Please email us at with your name and country so we can direct you to the nearest retailer or add you to our International Notification email list for future distribution updates.

How to I print my drawer labels?  What if I need more labels?

Download the label template here. Enter your baking item name, load your label sheet into the printer and click print!  We recommend running a test page first to make sure everything is lined up properly.  If you need more labels, you can request more by emailing or calling us toll free at 888-973-9288

How do I return the BakeStack?

Return policies may vary depending on where you purchased your product. Please call us toll free at 888-973-9288 so we can help facilitate your return.

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