Stop Looking, Keep Cooking

Ideal for large spice collections, the Chef’s Edition SpiceStack® organizes 30 round and square spice bottles in the kitchen cabinet. Clever drawers lower to display labels at eye-level, so you can quickly find your spices while cooking.

  • Organizes 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice bottles
  • Available in White or Silver/Black
  • Measures 10.9”D x 12.8”W x 8.8”H                                          (27,7 x 32,5 x 22,4 centimeters)
  • Includes 96 (48 printed, 48 blank) removable drawer labels
  • Non-skid feet hold unit securely in place
  • No assembly required, units are stackable
  • "This fits into my kitchen cabinet perfectly. I really love it! And it makes finding spices much quicker and efficient.” - Pin-Jung H.
  • “I can finally find my spices! I have tried to keep them alphabetized but without individual places for them to go, they were always going into disarray. Where has this rack been all my life?" - Marilyn K.
  • "This is exactly what I was looking for. I am happy with the product and enjoy using it very much. I have recommended it to several people because it has worked out for me and my family so well. Cost vs quality is there for sure!" - Chris W.
  • “I love it! I was able to put my spices on a higher shelf since the drawers pull down. Now I have free space at eye level for other items.” - Penny J.

What size is the SpiceStack?

The Chef’s Edition SpiceStack (30-Bottle) measures 10.9”D x 12.8”W x 8.7”H (27,7 x 32,5 x 22,0 centimeters), weighs less than 5 lbs., and fits inside modern kitchen cabinets. For comparison, the smaller Original SpiceStack (18-Bottle) measures 10.9”D x 8.0”W x 8.5”H (27,7 x 20,3 x 21,6 centimeters.)

How many spices does the SpiceStack hold and what size spices fit?

The Chef’s Edition SpiceStack holds 30 standard-size spice bottles or 60 half-size spice bottles. The upper compartments of each SpiceStack drawer fit large spice bottles measuring up to 5.5" tall x 2.2" wide and the lower compartments of each drawer fit medium and small spice bottles measuring up to 4.7" tall x 2.2" wide. Spices are NOT included with purchase. Round and square bottles fit equally well.

Which spice brands fit inside the SpiceStack?

The following brands (standard size) are known to fit inside the SpiceStack: McCormick, Simply Organic, Spice Islands, Lawry's, Emeril's, Molly McButter, Spice Classics, Durkee, Tone's, Penzeys Spices (jars). Other brands may work as well.

What is the SpiceStack made of?

SpiceStack is made of durable ABS plastic and wipes clean with a damp cloth. No assembly is required.

Do I need to assemble or mount the SpiceStack?

There is no assembly or mounting required for any of our products. Non-skid rubber feet hold the SpiceStack securely in place in the cabinet or on a counter. If weight is properly spread between drawers and only one drawer is pulled out at a time, the weight of the SpiceStack’s unopened drawers will hold the entire unit in place. This is the genius of the design and why so many people rave about their SpiceStack - it’s easy!

Where can I buy the SpiceStack and how much does it cost?

The SpiceStack is sold in a variety of locations. Please visit our Where To Buy page for a list of participating retail stores and online sellers. You can also click the Purchase Online button here or on the product page to view pricing and purchase information from our authorized dealer network.

Does YouCopia sell products in my country?

We are proud of our international business partners that distribute our products all over the world. Please email us at with your name and country so we can direct you to the nearest retailer or add you to our International Notification email list for future distribution updates.

How to I print my drawer labels? What if I need more labels?

Download the label template here. Enter your spice names, load your label sheet into the printer and click print! We recommend running a test page first to make sure everything is lined up properly. If you need more labels, you can request them by emailing or calling us toll free at 888-973-9288.

How do I return the SpiceStack?

Return policies may vary depending on where you purchased your product. Please call us at 888-973-9288 so we can help facilitate your return.

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