Win the Storage War

The Drawer StoraStack® smartly organizes food containers in your kitchen drawer. Two clip dispensers can be positioned as needed to hold two container stacks in place. Individual slots keep matching lids upright so everything stays tidy and easy to find.

  • Organizes 12 plastic food containers (not included)                   and matching lids
  • Fits standard kitchen drawers, 18.3-21.3"D x 7.4"W x 4.5"H         (46,5-54,1 x 18,8 x 11,4 centimeters)
  • Fits containers from top grocery store brands*
  • Dividers hold round, square or rectangular lids
  • Includes two clip dispensers
  • Expands to lock into standard kitchen drawers
  • No permanent mounting or installation required

*Fits plastic, nested containers with lids that snap (not twist or clip) from brands including Ziploc®, Glad®, Rubbermaid TakeAlongs® and Target Up&Up®. Click here to view our Container Guide.

  • “Was looking for way to uncluttered my cabinets of all the plastic storage containers. This product organizes my lids (which always seem to disappear) with the storage unit. I love the adjustable arm - it fit my drawer perfectly. It was simple to put in with no tools needed. The containers clipped in so the can bounce around when I pull out the drawer. What a great product!”
    - Kay Spiritson (Minneapolis, MN)
  • “I LOVE organization and my cabinet was a mess from all the tupperwear I had strewn about. This product says it's for a drawer, but it worked just as well in my cabinet and made it look so nice and ORGANIZED. Glad I bought it!” - Aurora (Carson, CA)
  • “I am so happy that I found these!! I have a lot of containers and no matter how hard I try to keep them tidy in the drawer, it doesn't stay that way for long.” - Brandy C. Mcbride (Lima, OH)
  • “Works like a charm… Easy, easy, easy, and now I'm organized!” - Ryan S. (New York, NY)

What size is the Drawer StoraStack?

The Drawer StoraStack measures 18.0-21.3"D x 7.4"W x 1.8"H (45,7 - 54,1 x 18,8 x 4,6 centimeters), weighs less than 1 lb., and fits inside standard kitchen drawers.

How many food storage containers does the Drawer StoraStack hold?

The Drawer StoraStack holds 12 round or square plastic food containers and 12 standard lids (not twist or clip). Food containers are NOT included with purchase. Two clip dispensers hold two stacks of containers; each stack must hold containers of the same exact shape so they nest together.

What size containers fit with the Drawer StoraStack?

Most container sizes fit in the Drawer StoraStack because the clips are adjustable and containers can hang over the edge of the tray if needed. There is approximately 11-14” of empty space between the lid area and the back of your drawer for containers. We recommend two container stacks that each measure approximately 6” (15cm) in width/diameter. Click here to view our Container Guide.

Which grocery store brand containers fit with the Drawer StoraStack?

The Drawer StoraStack fits plastic, nested containers with lids that snap (not twist or clip) from top grocery store brands including Ziploc®, Glad®, Rubbermaid TakeAlongs® and Target Up&Up®. The StoraStack does NOT fit glass, non-nesting, clip-lock, twist-seal, or otherwise “premium” branded containers. Click here to view our Container Guide.

What is the Drawer StoraStack made of?

The Drawer StoraStack is made of durable, BPA-free, ABS plastic and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Do I need to assemble or mount the Drawer StoraStack?

There is no permanent mounting or installation required for the Drawer StoraStack. The expanding tray locks into place to hold the unit securely in your kitchen drawer. Two clip dispensers can be positioned as needed to hold two container stacks.

How do I set-up the Drawer StoraStack?

To set-up, follow these instructions:

1) Place the Drawer StoraStack inside a kitchen drawer. Lift the built-in handle and pull out the taupe-colored extension until the tray stretches the entire length of the drawer.
2) With two hands, push the extension further out to compress the non-slip feet and create tension against the drawer walls. Press down on the built-in handle to lock in place. To reposition, pull up the handle to unlock.
3) Place a stack of containers in each clip dispenser and configure as desired on the tray. The containers may extend beyond the edge of the tray. Position the clip dispensers directly over a hole and press down to lock into place.
4) If you need to remove a clip dispenser, take the StoraStack out of the drawer. Pinch the clip dispenser from the bottom side and pull from the top side to release.
5) Place container lids in between the dividers.

6)The Drawer StoraStack may be easier to use if the lids are in the back of the drawer and the containers are in the front of the drawer.

How do I use the Drawer StoraStack?

To use, remove the top container from a clip dispenser with a gentle pulling motion. Try slightly squeezing the sides of the container to retrieve one at a time. For best results, make sure containers are completely clean and dry before placing in the StoraStack. Select a matching lid from the individual slots. 

Where can I buy the Drawer StoraStack and how much does it cost? 

The Drawer StoraStack is sold in a variety of locations. Please visit our Where To Buy page for a list of participating retail stores and online sellers. You can also click the Purchase Online button to view pricing and purchase information from our authorized Amazon seller.

Does YouCopia sell products in my country?

We are proud of our international business partners that distribute our products all over the world. You can also check the International section of our Where To Buy page. If you do not see your country listed, please email us at with your name and country so we can direct you to the nearest retailer and/or add you to our International Notification email list for future distribution updates.

How do I return my Drawer StoraStack?

Return policies may vary depending on where you purchased your product. Please email us at or call us toll free at 888-973-9288 so we can help facilitate your return.

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