Living in YouCopia is…

  • Opening the cabinet with no surprises.
  • Your husband finding the oregano without your help.
  • Showing off a perfectly alphabetized spice collection.
  • Viewing your coffee, not rummaging through it.
  • Reaching the back of your cabinet without a stool.
I consider myself a pretty good cook, with the thanks of quality spices and seasonings. Living in a small house with a small kitchen means I have to be organized. My cupboard before your organizer was a total disaster--things would sometimes fly out at me when I opened the door! Now all of my spices are organized and neat. No more flying bottles! Now when I open up the cupboard, I smile with pride that they are organized and no longer have to duck for cover! Thanks for a great product! I am thinking about purchasing your other organizers!
- Julie Lavagnino (Sacramento, CA)
I recently purchased a SpiceStack at Bed Bath & Beyond. My previous herb/spice drawer was a recipe for disaster. Your product in one of my cupboards is space saving, organized and easy to access. Frank Llyod Wright would approve as in form follows function. Thank you!
- Karen M (Bartow, FL)
I purchased the Storemore Bakeware Rack from Bed Bath and Beyond, and I couldn't be happier with the product, or the youcopia company that manufactures it. We needed a countertop rack like this to store our many cutting boards so they wouldn't sit in water on the counter-top, and there were too many to stack against the wall of the kitchen counter -- plus they'd fall over. After buying the rack, I realized there weren't enough dividers to accommodate our needs, and lots of empty slots on the rack between dividers.  I called youcopia, and their rep. Vikki Pike was extremely helpful, and immediately send out to me seven extra dividers, at a very nominal cost.  Now the rack is perfect -- and I would buy other products from this company anytime. Bravo!
- Karen R (Springfield, OR)
Just bought the SpiceStack after seeing a commercial for SwivelStore (or something like that), didn't want to buy online and then saw your product at a bridal shower. It's in our cupboard, fits great and solves that 'mess' problem. Thank you for creating this amazing product.
- Kay  (Sioux Falls, SD)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I finally found the perfect size K-cup holder. I was in Bed Bath and Beyond trying to find something that I could use to store my K-cups in a small but accessible space... and lo and behold, there is was, the CoffeeStack! P.S. I previously bought the Spice Stack for my daughter-in-law and she loves that too.
- Kelly A. (Long Island, NY)

I have never written a company before to thank them for the development of a product but your spice rack is Fantastic!!

I have been looking for a good way to store my spices for quite awhile. The traditional three step option is too small; when I bought another option that was advertised with a "patented" product, I opened the box to find a puzzle!!!! After spending a week of daily admonitions to "put this puzzle together" - I finally returned it. As I looked at the other option - turning racks - filled with spices I didn't use with no way to label ones I do use, my eyes spied your product. OMG - just what I needed! All of my spices fit, I didn't have to put it together, and it is a breeze to use!!! I've already sent photos to my family touting your product.

Thank you for developing a product that is perfect for my life!!

P.S. I even looked at your promo for other products and may check some of them out as well. My kitchen is small so organizing products is important. Stay cool!

- Linda Seward (San Francisco, CA)
Is it possible to make a larger size, say one that holds 40 bottles?
- Martine Tomczyk (Los Angeles, CA)
I love your Spice Stacks! Their the first truly functional racks I've owned. They seemed a bit flimsy at first, but I've had absolutely no issues with durability! The issue I do have is that your racks encouraged me to by more spices. Now I have 2 racks and need even more.
- Nicholas  S. (Los Angeles, CA)
What a wonderful product. Bought as a gift and decided to keep it. I had the other spice slider and promptly returned it. Your product is far superior to all the others.
- Pat L. (Royal Oak, MI)
I would rate you and YouCopia Products Inc. a 10 out of 10 for customer service, response and overall expediency in dealing with the damaged product that I received in the mail. No one likes to purchase something that does not work as it should, but in this case you made it right by standing behind your product. The replacement works great - Thank you!
- Patrick M. (New Castle, PA)
I just love the sound of your CoffeeStack organizer. I just bought 4 large boxes of k-cups and have nowhere to place and organize all of them. And lets not even discuss my spice cabinet!  It is so disorganized and it seemed as if there was not a good solution out there, until I saw your SpiceStack. I am going to purchase both right now!
- Rachael Rowberry (Adelaide, SA)
I found this at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I just love it!! This is exactly what I needed--I'm short and have a hard time reaching into even the lowest cupboard in my kitchen. Now, I can see every spice container, and can reach every one without knocking over some to get the one in the back. Thank you, so much!!
- Rachel S. (Charlottesville, VA)
I recently downsized into a much smaller house with very little cabinet or storage space. Previously, I had stored our spices on two revolving shelves; small jars on one and larger ones on the other. The cabinets in our new place were too small to allow for this. I saw an infomercial for the Swivel-Store but after reading some reviews on the product decided there HAD to be a better option. Then I discovered your Spic Stack. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this product! So many jars easily fit into a small space yet the labels provided allow you to see at-a-glance exactly what spice is where. I absolutely LOVE my Spice Stack! I am thinking of giving one to our daughter as a Christmas gift as she has a small kitchen as well. I have recommended your product to SO many people and will continue to do so. Thank you for coming up with such a practical and useful part of any kitchen!
- Sandi Scranton (Mt. Arlington, NJ)
The SpiceStack is awesome! We instantly saved space and use more spices in our cooking due to how easy it is to organize them!
- Ted Novak (Chicago, IL)
I love your product but not for spices. We use ours to hold our medications and pill bottles. It keeps them organized and in place. Our pill bottles are no longer everywhere and falling off a shelf. It really works for well for that. I just thought I would share you have a wonderful product.
- Vance W. (Sitka, AK)